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In order to protect the children participating in Chestnut Hill Youth Sports Club (CHYSC) programs,  the CHYSC requires Pennsylvania State Police, Child Abuse, and FBI clearances (or an affadavit stating you have lived in Pennsylvania for at least the last 10 years)to comply with the Pennsylvania Child Protection Services Law (CPSL) and a national criminal background check.  You will be asked to upload a copy of three documents for CPSL.  All three must be uploaded at the same time, so please have all three available before proceeding.  If you do not have these documents, instructions on obtaining these is below on this web page.


Please sent any questions to Courtney Malley, CHYSC Administrator, at


Purpose:  To ensure that the Chestnut Hill Youth Sports Club is in compliance with all applicable laws relating to criminal and child abuse background checks and mandated reporter laws.

Applies to:    Any volunteer at least 18 years old who will have direct volunteer contact with children as part of their volunteer responsibilities, Commissioners, and all Board Members.


The clearance documents required are valid for 5 years from date of issue.  If you already have these documents from other volunteer activities, and they are still valid, you may upload those documents.


Background Checks Required under Pennsylvania’s Child Protective Services Law (“CPSL”):

  1.  Act 34 Background Check (Pennsylvania State Police)
  2.  Act 151 Clearance (Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearances)
  3.  FBI Criminal Background check (along with fingerprints)
           Exception to FBI Background Check:

           The FBI Criminal Background Check is only NOT required if ALL of the following are true:

    1. The position is an unpaid position or for an employee or independent contractor age 14-17 (e.g., junior referees and umpires).
    2. The volunteer has continuously resided in Pennsylvania for the past 10 years; and,
    3.  He/she swears or affirms in writing that they are not disqualified from service based upon a conviction for one of the enumerated offenses of 23 pa.c.s.a. § 6344(c). 

A volunteer seeking this exception from the FBI Criminal Background Check must sign and complete the Disclosure Statement.pdf

3b. Volunteers who do not meet the qualifications to use the Disclosure State must submit an FBI Criminal Background Check report.  CHYSC  can accept a FBI report which is less than 5 years old.  To obtain an FBI Clearances report will require fingerprinting at a near by location. 

To start the FBI Background Check process go to: .

Use Service code 1KG6ZJ which is for Volunteers.

If you do not have all three documents ready to upload, please do not continue to the next step.